Dada's Detox

Dada's one-month fundraising fast

Day 11

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Today was market day! It was a little bit sunny this morning so I spent some time buying some potatoes and other vegetables in the local market. Everything is so cheap at the market. I got some lettuce for 40 baht (about US$1.20 for a kilo). I got a lot of lemons for my upcoming trip to Bangkok on Saturday. I had some warm herbal tea again to warm myself. I spent the afternoon helping the mother cook and kept myself warm while standing near the fire pit where they cooked. I had my steam bath to sweat as the rain poured for the whole day.

Weight: 50 kg
Blood Pressure: 100/68
Pulse Rate: 52

Water Intake: 2 litres
Lemon Water Intake: 3.5 litres / Coconut Water Intake: 1.5 / Herbal Tea: 0.5 litres
Total Water Intake: 7.5 litres

day 11

Dada’s steam bath



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