Dada's Detox

Dada's one-month fundraising fast

Day 12

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Today was another special day – a purging day. I felt really excited about it. I had my BP checked in the morning after my shower, it was too low. Lucky the sunshine came from 11am to 5pm. I had a sunbath and it helped me to gain strength and a warm drink with honey also helped me. The vegetable car came today. I bought coconuts from her and bought many other fruits as well for the children. I had about 6 coconuts today. I felt much better in the afternoon and felt normal in the evening. We had collective meditation as tomorrow I am going to Bangkok for 1 week.

Weight: 50kg (close to 49 kg)
Blood Pressure: 97/68
Pulse Rate: 47

Water Intake: 3 litres
Lemon Water Intake: 1.5 litres / Coconut Water Intake: 2 litres / Herbal Tea: 1 litre
Total Water Intake: 7.5 litres

day 12

Collective meditation





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