Dada's Detox

Dada's one-month fundraising fast

Day 13

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Today was a long day. I cooked breakfast for the children at 4.30am and I left for Sangkhlaburi at 7am to get a mini-van to Bangkok. It was warmer in Kanchanaburi and Bangkok even though it was raining. It took a long time to get to Bangkok because of traffic jams. I reached Bangkok around 4pm. I managed to have coconut water and psyllium husk in Kanchanaburi. Rainjiita’s brother donated a refrigerator, an air-conditioner and many other things for us today. I thank them for their donation. We will use the exercise things and air-conditioner for the wellness program. I went to Macro to buy fruits and vegetables, I was able to get cheap coconuts – 95 baht for 10 coconuts! I could not make lemon water today. I had only 1 litre in the morning before I left for Bangkok. I had more plain water and coconut instead.

Weight: Could not check.
Blood Pressure: Could not check as the machine was not functioning properly – but I felt fine.
Pulse Rate: Could not check.

Water Intake: 2 litres
Lemon Water Intake: 1litre / Coconut Water Intake: 3 litres
Total Water Intake: 6 litres

day 13

Dada in Bangkok




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