Dada's Detox

Dada's one-month fundraising fast

Day 15

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I was looking forward to today. The sun was shining and I decided to gear myself up for cardio, there was one bicycle in the Bangkok office. I went to Shanti Ashoke shop on Navamin Road. I got some health supplies including my thriphala, which was cheap in Bangkok. While inquiring about wheat grass juice, I met one man from Rayong City, Mr. Suvat. He was really interested in doing detoxes for himself and has begun to eat more vegetables and avoid all animal meat products. I had a 30 minute conversation with him regarding my detox fundraising and he is going to get some ideas from the recipes in the blog website. I look forward to meeting him again after the detox ends. I bought a wheat grass juicer for 1450 baht which will be used for the home and doesn’t need electricity. In the afternoon, I enjoyed a another walk to the nearby mall to find cheap coconuts and made a name card and brochures.

Weight: Could not check.
Blood Pressure: Could not check.
Pulse Rate: Could not check.

Water Intake: 2 litres
Lemon Water Intake: 1 litres / Coconut Water Intake: 2 litres
Total Water Intake: 5 litres

day 15th 1

Dada and Mr. Suvat



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