Dada's Detox

Dada's one-month fundraising fast

Day 29

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Today was the main day of the Mother’s Day celebrations in Thailand. The children were at home today. After morning breakfast I did meditation and had a sun bath. It was bright today with sunshine for almost the whole day. Some children went to see their parents to pay respect. I was supposed to do my purge today, but I decided to do it the next day when the children would be at school. My BP reading was very low; so in the afternoon I did a short run and cardio. In the evening I did my normal chores and supervised the children studying and preparing the food for the next morning.

Weight: 49 kg
Blood Pressure: 82/54
Pulse Rate: 49

Water and Herbal Tea Intake: 2.5 litres
Lemon Water Intake: 2.5 litres / Coconut Water Intake: 1.5 litres
Total Water Intake: 6.5 litres

day 29

Study and preparing food time!


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