Dada's Detox

Dada's one-month fundraising fast

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There are many benefits to fasting.

Our digestive system has two main functions: one is to absorb nutrition, and the other one is to cleanse. Most of the time, our digestive system is busy absorbing the food we eat. When you fast, it allows the digestive system to spend less time absorbing, and more time cleansing. Choosing more alkaline (as opposed to acid) food during fasting also lessens the burden on the digestive system. All of this helps you eliminate toxins from your body, gives you more energy, and strengthens your immune system.

Dada’s fast will consist of only lemon water (see how to make it in the recipes section) and plain water. He will have a medical check-up before starting, and post blog entries every day to share his experience.

You can join the fast with the 1, 2 or 3-day programmes outlined on this blog. For a longer fast, please contact Dada at

1-day fast

2-day fast

3-day fast


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