Dada's Detox

Dada's one-month fundraising fast

1-day fast

* If you have a chronic disease, please contact your physician before you start the fast.

Wake-up: Drink two glasses of water with lemon and a pinch of salt (see the recipes section). It helps to cleanse your digestive system and prepare it for food intake.

Breakfast: Fruits and raw vegetables only. You can add a teaspoon of olive oil to your vegetables, or make your own dressing (tomatoes, celery, sesame seeds, low-salt soya sauce, lemon juice and olive oil).

Lunch: Brown rice and vegetables cooked with no oil. Check out our recipes section for ideas.

Dinner: Brown rice or wholewheat bread and vegetables cooked with no oil, preferrably in the form of soup.

Between meals: Drink as much water or lemon water as possible. It will help hydrate and cleanse your body, and reduce the sensation of hunger. Stop drinking water 30 minutes before your meal, and drink again 30 minutes to one hour after eating.

Another option is to eat only fruits or raw vegetables all day. You can also do an all-day juice fast, in which you drink freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices instead of eating.

The next morning, we would recommend a natural purge consisting of one litre of water with the juice of one lemon and half to one tablespoon of salt. This will prompt the cleansing of your intestines, after which you can eat normally.

Thanks for joining and share your impressions in the comments section!


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