Dada's Detox

Dada's one-month fundraising fast

Day 31

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Hiureka…Really exciting day. I have been waiting for this day! I finished my morning meditation and yoga this morning. It was not that sunny but a bright sun came around noon time.

Peta Pitts from England and her family came to visit us. Thank you to Peta and Bobbie to help us to support our Library Project and Medical Clinic Project. We will add a treatment room in our small Baan Dada Clinic soon. We are also on the way to getting one colema board as well for the home. Thank you to Katie Cumbers for raising funds for this equipment. I had my breakfast with Peta and her family. I had my 2 cups of apple juice and had pumpkin curry with sweet leafy vegetables. We enjoyed our conversation regarding detox and general health. I took my last picture for the detox fundraising.

I am 48kg with blood pressure 90/60 and pulse rate 54. I felt so light today and had more strength to grow within and to have a clear mind that makes a big difference for change. Come forward and join us……!!!!!!!!!!

I am so glad I had support in this detox. Thank you to all the donors and supporter for the last 31 days. I am hoping more supporter and donors will make it possible for us to build this wellness center and help more people around us learn about healthy living and uplift their health standards.

Thank you so much to all the Baan Dada children, volunteers and staff who assisted me during this detox, which could not have been done without their help. A special thanks to the Home mothers who shared their chatting while I spent time cooking with them for this whole month, to taste the food that we cooked as I was not able to taste it – I still remember their comments “Dada add more salt in it”, perhaps I was not adding enough salt!

I will keep all of you posted on our progress through this blog and feel free to contact me if you are interested to donate and pass our project proposal to your friends, family and businesses.

With respect and deep gratitude,

Dada Prashanta

day 31,1

Dada and Kalazoo

day 31,2

Dada at the end of 31 days of fasting!

day 31,3

Dada, Peta Pitts and her family



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